Yoann Trellu


d-fine (2017 - 2023)


Frankfurt / Düsseldorf



ETH Zürich (2016)

2015 was the year I read about Cybernetics and its history. One research group that then caught my interest was the Control Theory and Systems Biology Laboratory.

Notable experiments I witnessed were around antithetic integral feedbacks. My work there was about the entrainment of coupled noisy oscillators.

ETH Zürich (2013 - 2015)

After validating the coursework from the MScQF program , I reoriented myself towards the MSc in mathematics. A focus was machine/statistical learning:

Finally, I bridged some of my theoretical gaps in differential geometry & functional analysis using my master thesis.

EPFL (2010 - 2013)

Each year of our bachelor program was introducing a new level of abstraction:

And next to the theory, some code, modeling, and writing: